SIA About our team – communications

by SIA Site Admin // December 4


Our operations will affect the working lives of thousands of people within the private security industry. Companies supplying security services need to be aware of the costs of staff licensing and training and about the approved contractor scheme. Front line staff need to know about how licensing affects them and about the new skills they may need. Companies that buy security services need to be aware of the changes taking place and the need for key staff and contractors to be licensed.

We have put in place a comprehensive marketing and communications programme based on extensive research. We will make sure that the right people get the right information at the right time in the most effective way.

We have already started a marketing campaign using adverts in trade press and targetted mailshots to encourage people within the door supervision and vehicle immobilising industries, and those who buy these services, to register with us so that we can send them more detailed information when the time comes.

We maintain contacts with key media connected with the industry to ensure that developments in policy and processes are understood and reported accurately.

Our web site is the primary source of information for all aspects of our operation and how licensing will work can be found on the site. The website will also be one of the two main ways that people can apply for a licence and will hold information about Licensed individuals.

We provide a regular e-mailed newsletter giving the very latest developments. Subscribe to it to make sure you are kept up to date.

There are many industry exhibitions and conferences and we will to attend as many relevant ones as we can providing face to face communication with the industry and those within it.

Our forward strategy will include a series of seminars, workshops and forums aimed at encouraging buyers of security services to give their views on our plans for SIA licensing over the next 12 months.