SIA About our team – Keeping on tracke

by SIA Site Admin // December 4

Keeping on track

In 2002 we launched three parallel agendas to support our overall aims

  • Establish ourselves as an organisation – building our processes, communications and IT systems, putting together people, knowledge and risk management systems and ensuring that quality systems and procedures are in place.
  • Developing priorities – designing and implementing: licensing, company schemes, training arrangements, quality controls, enforcement and compliance, service delivery and the co-ordination and phasing of all the various activities.
  • Improving industry competition – establishing a platform and framework to enable the introduction of sustainable improvement and competitiveness within the private security industry.

Measuring our performance

We are in the process of setting a number of key performance indicators and critical success factors. These are designed to explain our operating and financial performance and our progress against our key objectives.

For 2003/04 we will be measured primarily on how we build up our systems and the launch of our development stage. In 2004/05 we will be measured on our operation of the new licensing programme and approved contractor scheme.

Following Government good practice on freedom of information we will publish details of our performance in our annual reports.

Data protection

We are registered as controllers of personal data and we are ensuring that we fully comply with the safeguards put in place by the Data Protection Act.