SIA About our team

by SIA Site Admin // October 10

We have several key teams reporting to our Chief Executive John Saunders.

Operations and Compliance – is responsible for overseeing the development and delivery of the complete system for the licensing of individuals and approval of companies. It also makes sure that we have a credible and effective way of achieving compliance with the provisions of the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

Policy Team – is responsible for all final policy and deals with cross-Government contact and direct liaison with Lord Chancellor’s Department about enforcement officers. Secondary legislation also falls in the policy team’s area, overseeing any policy developments and liaising with our Home Office sponsorship unit and seeking Ministerial submissions to get agreement on any SIA policies or requirements for secondary legislation.

Communications – is responsible for establishing and raising the profile of the SIA with specific industry bodies and organisations, specialist media contacts, Home Office and wider Government contacts and, at a later stage, with individual security operatives and, to some extent, the public at large.

Human Resources, Finance and Support Services each provide the normal staff, financial and facilities support services for the organisation.

Programme management looks after our planning and the progress we are making as well as making sure we are keeping on track

We also have teams looking specifically at licensing; the transition from local to SIA issued licences, compliance, service procurement, the ‘approved contractor’ scheme and competencies.

We currently have about 75 staff, including contractors, mainly working in project teams concentrating on all aspects of the SIA and licensing, including the operational process that we need in order to carry out our strategy.

We are still looking at the exact number of regional inspectors to carry out compliance and enforcement duties in conjunction with the police and local authorities. Recruitment will take place in line with our roll out strategy and we expect our full complement of staff to be about 100.

Our culture is one of openness and team working, a culture that we hope is evident whenever people deal with us.