SIA Board Members – Foreword

by SIA Site Admin // December 9

Turning Aspiration to Reality
By John Saunders OBE, Chief Executive

The Security Industry Authority’s mission is clear and unambiguous: to help protect society by collaboratively developing and achieving high standards in the private security industry.

Since Spring 2002 we have, together with our stakeholders, focused our efforts on converting the Private Security Industry Act 2001 from its welcome appearance on the statute books to working reality.

The Act calls for a range of particular actions to achieve its overall aims. But perhaps the Act’s most important contribution is that it provides sound foundations for introducing fundamental change, creating a private security industry that is healthier, more successful, dynamic and fit to pursue new market opportunities. Above all, an industry that is respected and proud of its reputation.

Our approach to our work
We understand our remit and are firmly focused on our mission. We recognise our responsibility in converting aspirations to results. Our business planning reflects an action-based mindset and a wish to be judged on our achievements.

We hope that our approach of collaboration, openness and fairness in achieving these goals can be recognised already. But we want this approach to become our hallmark as we continue to develop our organisational personality and style. We shall be forthright and honest in our dealings and we aim to be recognised for our no-nonsense style and being firm when it matters. As well as businesslike and professional, we also aim to be creative and flexible in our work practices.

We are acutely conscious that Government, the private security industry and many stakeholders are making a significant investment in the SIA and that we have, therefore, a responsibility to provide an exceptional return on that investment.

We are well aware of the wisdom, energy and commitment needed if we are to earn the respect of the industry. Clearly these are early days for the SIA. We have laid firm foundations for the demands of the next two years as the implementation programme gets underway. The work programme and timetable are challenging.

There is, in short, a lot of ‘tough stuff’ to do.