SIA – Legislation

by SIA Site Admin // February 9

Please note the sections below are a summary of the Private Security Act 2001. For a full copy of the Act please click here.

Sections 7-12
Licensing functions of the SIA

The SIA is required to prepare and publish the criteria that it will apply in reaching decisions on granting, modifying or revoking licences.

In practice, this will be criteria relating to criminality and competency for each designated sector.

The SIA can refuse to grant a licence until it is satisfied about the identity of the applicant; until any additional information requested of the applicant has been provided; and until any further enquiries undertaken by the SIA have been completed

  • applicants for licences are required to pay the SIA a fee of an amount prescribed by the Secretary of State
  • a licence is valid for a period of three years, although the SIA is empowered to modify, revoke or suspend a licence or any conditions attached to it
  • an appeals procedure will be established.

Conditions attached to licences – types of conditions that can be prescribed relate to:

  • training, registration and insurance
  • the manner in which activities are to be carried out
  • the production and display of the licence
  • information that the licensee is to provide to the SIA from time to time.

Other conditions can be prescribed by the Secretary of State.

Public register

  • the SIA is required to establish and maintain a register of individual licensees
  • the register must be available for public inspection.