SIA – Legislation

by SIA Site Admin // February 9

Please note the sections below are a summary of the Private Security Act 2001. For a full copy of the Act please click here.

Section 1 and 2
Establishes the Security Industry Authority (SIA)

The SIA’s functions are:

  • to licence individuals in specific sectors and to approve security companies
  • to keep under review the private security industry and the operation of the legislative framework
  • to monitor the activities and effectiveness of those working in the industry
  • to conduct inspections
  • to set and approve standards of conduct, training and supervision within the industry, and
  • to make recommendations to improve standards.

In addition…

  • The SIA can do those things it considers necessary or helpful in discharging its functions.
  • The SIA can make proposals to the Secretary of State to modify any provision contained in the Act, and to undertake, arrange or support research relating to the provision of security services.

The SIA must comply with directions, from the Secretary of State and must provide any information that the Secretary of State requests. The Secretary of State must consult the SIA before giving any directions.