SIA Licences

by SIA Site Admin // February 25

This section of the website gives you all the information that you need about getting a licence. Click on the industry sector below to find out what you need to know…

Door supervisionheading_arrow-4199604

Vehicle Immobilisingheading_arrow-4199604

Security guardingheading_arrow-4199604

Events securityheading_arrow-4199604

Cash & Valuables In Transitheading_arrow-4199604


Close protectionheading_arrow-4199604

Key holdingheading_arrow-4199604

Private investigationheading_arrow-4199604

Security consultancyheading_arrow-4199604

Much of the information is changing as we develop our approach to licensing, so do keep an eye on this section for the latest news. Why not subscribe to our newsletter, this will let you know when more information is added to the site.