SIA Licences – Cash & Valuables in Transit

by SIA Site Admin // February 4

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The new SIA door supervisor licensing scheme is now rolling out across England and Wales. It is now mandatory in some areas to have a licence to work as a door supervisor and from 11 April 2005 this will include all areas in England and Wales.

From 23 September 2004 a door supervisor licence will also be accepted as a security guard licence without the need for further training. However a security guard licence will not be accepted as a door supervisor licence. This decision was made by the SIA with consideration to the following:

  • There is an 85 percent cross-over in training between the two sectors
  • All security guards are given on-site training upon arrival at a new post – training which could easily be given to qualified door supervisors on-site
  • Door supervisors are additionally trained in conflict management and search procedures – skills which cannot be easily taught on-site to security guards

The door supervision licence extension does not cover cash and valuables in transit, close protection or CCTV PSS operators.

The new extended licence will be most useful at premises or locations where alcohol licensing boundaries are extended or where security activities overlap such as at sports grounds or outdoor festivals.