SIA Licences – Cash & Valuables in Transit – approach

by SIA Site Admin // January 4

Training & qualifications – Approach

The SIA approach to licensing Cash & valuables in transit

This document is intended to provide a clear specification on the approach, which has been commonly agreed by the SIA and industry stakeholders to date, in relation to core competency training, education and resulting qualifications for the purpose of Cash-in-Transit Operative licensing in the SIA regulated, operational environment. This specification does not cover specific areas such as ATM Servicing or Vault Procedures.

National Occupational Standards

In approving standards, the SIA has taken into consideration the existing National Occupational Standards (NOS). NOS are statements of competence that describe workplace activities and are written to measure performance outcomes. NOS must be considered as one of the most important factors in future planning. The primary function of the standards is as a key component for qualifications. However, they have many other uses including training design, training needs analysis, appraisals, recruitment, skills matrices, skills benchmarking and quality assurance. Throughout this specification, when and where applicable, the training and qualification has been mapped against the current applicable NOS with the relevant standard and standard setting body indicated, but it is recognised that these standards are currently under review