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Training & qualifications – SIA Qualification for Cash & Valuables in Transit

Due to the confidential nature of most Cash-in-Transit activities and the risk associated with them, the detail provided in this section is not as comprehensive as that given in other specifications and only the high level aims and objectives have been provided.

The training for cash & valuables in transit is 35 hours, including two assessments.

Part One – Cash Transportation – Industry Induction


To introduce the new Cash-in-Transit operatives to the industry and their roles and responsibilities.


By the end of Training Unit One trainees will be able to:

  • Identify the range of Cash-in Transit services
  • State the organisation of a Cash-in-Transit branch
  • Identify conditions of employment, rules, procedures and benefits, to include an awareness of the Race Relations Act, the Sex Discrimination Act ,the Disability Discrimination Act and the Employment Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) and (Religion and Belief).
  • State the mediums by which a Cash-in-Transit company communicates with staff
  • State Cash-in-Transit procedures for security at work
  • Identify the responsibility of employer and employee in maintaining health and safety at work
  • Identify relevant aspects of fire safety
  • State a procedure for safe manual handling
  • Recognise factors relating to Cash-in-Transit policy on customer care
  • Identify relevant aspects of quality assurance

Part Two – Cash Transportation – Professional Cash-in-Transit Operative


To prepare the new cash-in-transit operatives to perform their duties effectively and professionally.


By the end of Training Unit Two trainees will be able to:

  • Understand the Cash-in-Transit industry and the services offered to customers
  • Understand UK and relevant EU transport legislation that affects Cash-in-Transit operations.
  • Plan and prepare for a trip
  • Load and unload the vehicle
  • Operate Cash-in-Transit vehicles
  • Comply with operational security
  • Produce all relevant documentation
  • Use self seal containers, seals and labels
  • Carry out Collections and Deliveries
  • Use pavement and vehicle security protection devices
  • Deal with emergencies and incidents
  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Minimise and contribute to health and safety risks in your workplace
  • Give customers a positive impression
  • Full specification

    For the full definition, download the attached file.

    Specification for Core Competency Training and Qualifications for CVIT (pdf)