SIA Licences – CCTV – Transition

by SIA Site Admin // February 10


We will begin to process applications for security guard and cash & valuables in transit operatives, from early 2005. To continue to work legally, all employees must be licensed by early 2006.

In the latter part of 2005 we plan to introduce the SIA Approved Contractors Scheme (ACS). One of the key benefits for a company gaining ACS accredited status is likely to be that their staff can work whilst their licence application is being processed, provided they have successfully completed the approved training. One of the key criteria for eligibility is likely to be having a high proportion of company staff already licensed. Therefore we recommend strongly that companies begin to plan now the required training of staff and that they spread the licensing of them across a 12 month period.

More details of ACS will be communicated early in 2005. In the meantime we would like to detail some of the decisions we have made to ensure the application process is as clear and simple as possible.

There are four new licensable sectors within the security guarding industry:

  • Security Guarding
  • Cash and Valuables in Transit
  • Close Protection
  • CCTV in public space surveillance

Applications can be made and licences are required from:


Open for
licensing from

SIA licence
required from

Security Guarding

10 January 2005

20 March 2006

Cash and Valuables
in Transit

10 January 2005

20 March 2006

CCTV in public
space surveillance

27 June 2005

20 March 2006

Close protection

01 September 2005

20 March 2006

*Please note that the introduction of licensing dates may be subject to change. In such cases we will publicise any alterations made.

While both payment and ownership of an SIA licence are the responsibility of the individual, we understand that many companies are considering paying the licence fees for their staff in advance. To help this process we are looking into a single-payment process for multiple applications. We will advise on this in a forthcoming information pack.

People who carry out guarding activity on licensed premises require a door supervisor licence. Holders of door supervisor licences are now automatically licensed to perform security guarding duties* although we recognise that employers may wish or need to provide some sector specific training. There is no need to re-apply for an additional licence. This move, we believe, offers greater career opportunities to companies, their staff and flexibility to the industry.

* Not CVIT, CCTV or Close Protection