SIA Licences – Close Protection – SIA qualifications

by SIA Site Admin // January 5

Training & qualifications – SIA Qualification for Close Protection

Core competency training should be delivered as follows:

Knowledge and practical skills training (150 minimum guided learning hours)

  • Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the close protection operative
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Surveillance awareness
  • Operational planning
  • Law and legislation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Close protection team work
  • Reconnaissance
  • Close protection foot techniques
  • Route selection
  • Use of close protection vehicle techniques
  • Search awareness
  • Incidents and dilemmas
  • Venue based security
  • Communication and conflict management skills

It is intended that these training topics be delivered over a minimum of 150 guided learning hours plus assessment. Trainers may not reduce the prescribed learning hours of the training.

In addition to the 150 guided learning hours, a First Aid at Work Award should be delivered to those candidates who do not hold a current First Aid certificate. Details of acceptable First Aid awards will be published later.

Full specification

For the full definition, download the attached file.

Specification for Core Competency Training and Qualifications for Close Protection (pdf)