SIA Licences – Cost of a licence

by SIA Site Admin // April 17

We are required to be self-financing from licence fee income. This will therefore drive the cost of a licence. The final level of the licence application fee will depend on our full operating costs and our projected demand levels. At the moment we estimate that the licence application fee will be between £150 and £190 for a three year licence.

So where does the money from licence fees go?

Licensing services
The costs of actually issuing licences, the systems, necessary processes, administration, as well as the cost of the criminality checks.

Enforcement and compliance
The cost of enforcing licensing, mostly the cost of our compliance officers.

The cost of raising awareness about licensing and making sure that everyone within the industry knows what to do, how to get a licence etc.

The cost of maintaining our buildings and staff etc.

Research & Development
The money we spend on researching the industry to better support it.