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by SIA Site Admin // December 6

Training & qualifications – SIA qualification for door supervisors

To get the SIA qualification for door supervisors, you will need to attend a two part training course and take and pass two exams.(See exemptions)

The course may be delivered over 4 days or during weekends and/or evening sessions. The total training time will always be 30 hours, which includes two hours of exams.

Training is delivered in two parts as follows:

Part 1 – Role and responsibilities of a door supervisor (14 hours)heading_arrow-6210066

Part 2 – Communication skills and conflict management (14 hours)heading_arrow-6210066

Our criteria for licensing, including training and qualification requirements, will be subject to final approval by Ministers at the end of December 2003. However, broad Ministerial agreement has been given to our approach and our training and qualifications for door supervision have been endorsed by the SIA Board.

Training Costs

Training organisations will charge for training courses and exams and these charges may vary between different training providers. Training is expected to cost between £250 – £350. The SIA has agreed funding support with the Learning Skills Council to reduce the costs to individual trainees. The LSC funding support will be £102 per individual which will go to the training provider to off set the training fees bringing the cost for door supervisors for parts 1 & 2 of the SIA qualification to around £150 – £250. This funding will only apply to those individuals who are required to complete both parts of the SIA approved training and qualifications courses.

The LSC funding incentive is to be initially piloted in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, where new training networks are currently being established. Details of how further training networks will be set up around the rest of the country will be announced on the SIA website and newsletter (subscribe) in due course. The roll-out arrangements are intended to precede the current SIA geographical plans for Door Supervisor applications and details may not be fully available until early in 2004.