SIA Licences – Key holding – training and qualifications

by SIA Site Admin // December 4

Training & qualifications

One of the SIA’s main objectives is to raise standards of corporate and individual performance within the private security industry. A key element in achieving this will be to raise the levels of individuals’ skills. At present, standards of training and skill levels in the industry are highly variable and, in general, insufficient to meet likely future challenges. Staff in some companies are well trained and highly skilled. In others training is often only cursory and fails to equip individuals for a job, let alone a career in the industry.

The current situation in the industry.

The SIA’s approach to training in the industry.

Who does whatheading_arrow-7807490
An explanation of who is responsible for the various aspects of the training and qualification.

SIA qualification for Key holdersheading_arrow-7807490
A description and content of the SIA approved qualification.

Previous qualifications for key holdersheading_arrow-7807490
Check here to see if your current qualifications mean you are exempt from the SIA approved training or qualification.

How to get trainingheading_arrow-7807490
Who to contact to organise the the training you need.

Information for training providersheading_arrow-7807490
Background information for those interested in providing training.