SIA Licences – Key holding – who does what

by SIA Site Admin // December 5

Training & qualifications – Who does what

In developing new qualifications for licensing the SIA is working closely with the qualification regulation authorities, the awarding bodies who offer its qualifications, the Learning and Skills Council, and Education and Learning Wales. The roles and responsibilities of each body are summarised as follows:


  • Sets competency standards and specifies qualifications for licensing.
  • Endorses awarding bodies who wish to offer its qualifications, in conjunction with the qualification regulation authorities
  • Issues licences based on competency, probity and identification
  • Is responsible for the overall quality assurance of the licensing process
  • Consults regularly with stakeholders to ensure that standards and qualifications meet the needs of the industry and continue to raise standards of competence and professionalism

The Qualification Regulation Authorities

The Qualification Curriculum Authority (QCA) operates in England and the ACCAC operated in Wales, both of these bodies;

  • Set standards for qualifications
  • Accredit qualifications and place them within the National Qualifications Framework

Awarding Bodies

  • Develop qualifications and operate the examination system against the SIA specification
  • Achieve QCA/ACCA accreditation and SIA endorsement
  • Approve training and assessment centres
  • Register candidates and provide evidence of their identity
  • Award the qualification and input data in to the SIA qualifications database
  • Accredit prior learning and previous qualifications
  • Provide quality assurance of the assessment and qualification process

Learning and Skills Council (England) and Education and Learning Wales

  • Responsible for planning education and training in England and Wales
  • Funding support towards qualifications for licensing