SIA Licences – Key Holding – Who needs a licence?

by SIA Site Admin // February 8

Key Holders

Private Security Industry Act 2001

Those that have custody of or controlling access to any key or similar device for operating a lock will require a licence.

What is a licensable activity?

If you have custody of, or control access to, any key or a similar device for operating a lock and/or provide a first response to incidents at premises for which the keys are held.

Examples of a licensable activity

  • Protect any premises against unauthorised entry.
  • Securing any safe or container specifically designated or adapted to hold valuables.

Who will need a licence?

Anyone engaged in forms of work of a keyholding nature, by way of business or employment supplied under contract will require a licence. This includes employees, employers, managers, supervisors and directors of security companies Click here for further details

Who will not need a licence?

  • Key holders employed in-house.
  • Estate agents or caretakers or informal arrangements between friends or neighbours.
  • Activities incidental to the activities of a security operative.
  • Wardens employed in-house in sheltered accommodation and their security activities are incidental to their main tasks.