SIA Licences – Security Guarding – Who needs a licence? Exemptions

by SIA Site Admin // December 11

Who needs a licence?

Exemptions from licensing

The Private Security Industry Act 2001 also gave powers to the Secretary of State to exempt from the licensing requirements those who, whilst engaged in security duties, were subject to alternative suitable arrangements. The SIA now wishes to establish appropriate criteria for use is establishing who it should advise the Secretary of State can be exempted.

Richard Childs of The Community Safety Consultancy Ltd has been commissioned to review these issues and establish:

  • Whether in the light of the work already carried out on legislation, it remains appropriate for ‘in-house’ operations to remain unlicensed or whether they should become subject to legislation and if so how that should be done.
  • How and who the Secretary of State should exempt from the need for regulation and the management of such exemptions.

This announcement forms part of this process and we are therefore inviting early views from stakeholders in these sectors which will provide a valuable contribution to establishing an initial baseline assessment.