SIA Licences – Skills and training

by SIA Site Admin // April 17

One of our main objectives is to raise standards of corporate and individual performance within the private security industry. A key element in achieving this will be to raise the levels of individuals’ skills.

At present, standards of training and skill levels in the industry are highly variable and, in general, insufficient to meet likely future challenges. Staff in some companies are well trained and highly skilled. In others training is often only cursory and fails to equip individuals for a job, let alone a career in the industry.

Our approach to enhancing skills levels in the industry is twofold:

Competencies – In the short term we are developing and implementing minimum standards of skills in each sector of the industry, which individuals must reach in order to obtain a licence from the SIA to allow them to work in specified sectors of the industry.

Skills – In the medium to longer term we intend to supplement licensing skills with a wider initiative to improve training and standards across the industry. A key part of this is the development of a sector skills strategy for the private security industry.