SIA Licences – Vehicle Immobilising – Cost of a licence

by SIA Site Admin // February 9

Cost of a licence

The licence application fee for front line staff is £190 for 1 year. Non-front line staff will also need to pay £190 but the licence is valid for 3 years. In either case, the licence fee is not refundable.

If you pay your own licence fee you will be able to claim tax relief against your taxable income. For instance, if you pay the basic rate of tax the relief is worth £41.80p.

Where does the money from licence fees go?

Licensing services
The costs of actually issuing licences, the systems, necessary processes, administration, as well as the cost of criminality checks.

Enforcement and complianceThe cost of enforcing licensing, mostly the cost of compliance officers.

The cost of raising awareness about licensing and making sure that everyone within the industry knows what to do, how to get a licence etc.

The cost of maintaining buildings and staff.

Research & Development
The money spent on researching the industry to better support it.

Who pays the licence fee?

If you’re applying for a licence as an individual then it is up to you to pay. If you work for a company supplying security services then your employers may provide funds for the licence. You should check with your employer before applying.

Can I get the licence fee refunded if I don’t succeed in my licence application?

No. The application fee covers the cost of processing the application and is chargeable regardless of the decision that is reached at the end of the process.