SIA Licences – Vehicle immobilising – Previous qualifications

by SIA Site Admin // February 22

Training & qualifications – Previous qualifications

Previous qualifications for vehicle immobilisers

Awarding bodies are required where possible to accredit the prior learning and qualifications of candidates presenting for the SIA’s qualification for licensing. Candidates, who have attained a relevant or partly relevant qualification in vehicle immobilisation which they wish to be considered for a SIA approved qualification, may present their qualification(s) to an awarding body for accreditation. This may include overseas qualifications.

Awarding bodies should only issue their qualification certificate when they have evidence that the candidate has the equivalence and/or has attained the relevant parts of the SIA Vehicle Immobiliser’s qualification to achieve full competence. Awarding bodies will be responsible for the integrity of the certificates they accredit for SIA approved qualifications.

Overseas qualifications

Applicants from overseas who have a relevant qualification in vehicle immobilisation or another security related discipline may present their certificates to an awarding body for part accreditation. All overseas applicants will be required to demonstrate that they can communicate in English and that they have attended training in subjects relating to legislation in England and Wales (to meet the learning objectives of Part 1 Session 16) as well as communication skills and conflict management (to meet the learning objectives of Part 2).