SIA Licences – Vehicle immobilising – training background

by SIA Site Admin // February 12

Training & qualifications – Background

The SIA recognises that it is essential for all personnel involved in vehicle immobilisation, including towing away, to have undergone a structured programme of training and education resulting in recognised qualifications if they are to be effective and professional in their role. Increasingly, industry stakeholders also recognise that individuals with enforcement responsibilities must have a broad range of skills and a clear understanding of their role. As the scope, diversity and importance of their work continue to grow, so the degree of professionalism expected from vehicle immobilisers will increase.

The SIA has talked to service suppliers, customers, training organisations, awarding bodies, trade associations, local government and the police to achieve a broad agreement on the approach to be taken in developing and delivering training and qualifications leading to licensing.

The aim of new training and qualifications is to increase the skills and professionalism of those employed in the industry and to raise standards of performance. As licensing is introduced, the SIA will carry on talking with key stakeholders to continuously improve the standards of both training and qualifications.