SIA Licences – Vehicle immobilising – training providers

by SIA Site Admin // February 12

Training & qualifications – Information for Training providers


Training providers must be able to demonstrate that all classroom training is undertaken in a room appropriate for training during the training delivery period. The room must be adequately equipped for the purpose of training, conducive to effective learning and must comply with current Health and Safety requirements. Equipment for practical demonstrations must be readily available. Provisions must be made for practical demonstrations to be carries out in environments similar to those naturally occurring in the working environment of Vehicle Immobilisers.

Arrangements for the assessment/examination environment are described below.

Approved Trainers and Training for Trainers

Approved trainers delivering programmes against this specification must have successfully completed a formal training or instructional qualification or programme. Examples of such are:

  • BTEC Advanced Training and Presenting Award
  • CIPD Certificate in Training Practice
  • CIPD NVQ Levels 3, 4 or 5 in Learning & Development
  • C&G Level 4 Certificate in Further Education Teaching
  • C&G Level 3 Certificate in Teaching Adult Learning
  • C&G Level 3 Certificate in Delivering Learning
  • Edexcel NVQ Levels 3, 4 or 5 in Learning & Development
  • HMF Methods of Instruction full qualification
  • Home Office Approved Trainers i.e. Police, Fire Service, HM Customs and HM Prisons
  • IPSA Trainers’ Award
  • SITO Train-the-Trainers programme
  • SITO Training and Delivering Learning Programme (City & Guilds 7302)
  • Recognised Teaching Qualification
  • Other instructional / training qualification approved by Awarding Bodies

Additionally, approved trainers delivering training against the Part 2 communications Skills and Conflict Management specification must have successfully completed a Conflict Management Trainers Course as defined by the awarding body offering the qualification.

(This list is not exhaustive and Awarding Bodies may require attendance in additional train-the-trainer courses in order to deliver the training outlined in this specification. Please note also that this list includes a number of trainer programmes that do not lead to an externally recognised ‘trainer’ qualification. The SIA recognises that many trainers will need to update their skills and gain an external awarding body trainer qualification which will be a prerequisite for trainers to train SIA qualifications for licensing in the future. The current trainer awards will remain valid during the licence roll-out period and probably until the end of 2005. The SIA will give adequate notice to its awarding bodies when this change is required.)

Sector Competence for Approved Trainers

Trainers delivering the mandatory core competency training must demonstrate that they have the necessary understanding of vehicle immobilisation and other parking enforcement related functions. Awarding bodies may require additional information about a trainer’s experience for consideration in the approval process; for example, evidence of experience in related parking enforcement roles.