SIA Licences – Vehicle Immobilising

by SIA Site Admin // February 16

This section give you all the information you need about vehicle immobilising licences.

Who needs a licence?heading_arrow-9222091
Check here to see if the job that you do means you will need a licence. This section also gives details of those working in security companies that will need a licence, even if they do not work as a vehicle immobiliser.

Part of getting a licence involves a criminal record check; this section explains how this works.

Training & qualificationsheading_arrow-9222091
You will need to show the SIA that you have the right skills to be a vehicle immobiliser. This means having relevant training and a qualification. This section explains the training and qualifications that you need.

Cost of a licenceheading_arrow-9222091
How much it will cost you to get a licence.

Getting a licenceheading_arrow-9222091
This section explains the process for getting a licence, and what you need to do.

This section describes how the national SIA licence will work, including the dates that licensing will start

It will be the law to have an SIA licence. This section explains how we will ensure that people have a licence.

Download the VI guide to licences. You can request a hard copy by calling the SIA on 08702 430 100.