SIA Licences – Wheel Clamping – Transition

by SIA Site Admin // April 14


A period of transition is inevitable as the SIA and the private security industry move forward to SIA licensing. During this demanding time a balance must be struck between putting SIA licensing in place as quickly as possible, and ensuring the SIA and the industry can cope with the volume of work. Specifically it needs to be clear that…

  • Tested computer systems are in place
  • Adequate training facilities are in place and available
  • People are aware of when SIA licensing will be introduced in their region
  • The industry knows how to get SIA licences
  • Adequate compliance and enforcement can be carried out
  • Contingency plans are in place to cover exceptional circumstances

To make sure that all this is in place and working properly a pilot exercise for door supervisors at the beginning of 2004 is planned in Hampshire. At present we are still discussing our approach and have not yet confirmed where the licensing pilot may take place.

The SIA is also aware of the need the for co-operation of everyone involved to succeed in several of these areas. Regular meetings and workshops will continue to be held with the industry, local authorities and the police.

Wheel clamping and towing away on private land
A relatively small number of people work in this sector. It is our intention to begin licensing wheel clampers in 2004. However, we are still working on the criteria for this sector and will announce more details in due course.