SIA Licences

by SIA Site Admin // April 19

You will need to apply for a licence through the SIA by:

  • telephoning the call centre when that comes on stream (planned mid-2003)
  • you will be sent a form that is already partly completed as a result of the information you gave us during the telephone call
  • you now need to check that this information is correct and complete the rest of the form
  • you will be asked for some proof of your identity such as your driving licence or passport
  • you will also be asked to supply photographs and possibly proof of your address – such as a utilities bill or bank statement
  • the SIA will then run a check to make sure that you are, in the words of the Act, ‘a fit and proper’ person to hold a licence.

At present we estimate that it should take no longer than six weeks to process a routine individual application.

The SIA will ensure that systems are in place that will enable larger organisations who apply for licences on behalf of their security employees to make bulk applications. The exact details of this process are part of our business process development and will be publicised when development is completed.