SIA Registration

by SIA Site Admin // August 26

We will start issuing licences to the security industry in early 2004. We will issue licences region by region until the whole of the country is covered. It will then be against the law to work as a wheel clamper or door supervisor without an SIA licence.

If you work in the security industry as a wheel clamper or door supervisor it will be your responsibility to make sure you have an SIA licence. It will also be your responsibility to arrange licences for those who work for you within those industries. You can’t apply for a licence just yet. What you should do NOW is register with us so that we can keep you informed about the introduction of SIA licences and what else you should do for a licence when that time comes.

If you purchase security services you will also need to register your details so that we can then let you know what is happening within the industry and make sure you know of your obligations under the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

To register with us complete the registration form, or telephone
08702 430 100. We will keep your details and send you the information you need nearer the time.

Click here to register your details with the SIA