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by SIA Site Admin // February 6

There are several government sites about the laws governing employees’ general pay and conditions, which you may find helpful, as well as further information about the Private Security Industry Act 2001 and the SIA.

Private Security Industry Act 2001.heading_arrow-1189503
You can read/download a full text of the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

Home Officeheading_arrow-1189503
Website for the Government body responsible for internal affairs in England and Wales

Department for Work and Pensionsheading_arrow-1189503
Website for the Government body responsible for welfare reform.

Department for Education and Skillsheading_arrow-1189503
Website for government body responsible for learning and training opportunities.

Crime Reductionheading_arrow-1189503
A website aimed at practitioners to help them achieve and sustain reductions in crime and disorder.

Job Centre Plusheading_arrow-1189503
The website for searching for job vacancies through the Department for Work and Pensions

OTHER SITES There are also many other sites that you may find useful and informative relating to all different aspects of the Private Security Industry Act 2001, training and qualifications, the new licensing system and the industry generally.

Please note that listing a site here does not mean that the SIA in any way necessarily endorses or approves of its content.

British Security Industry Associationheading_arrow-1189503
The site of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

The Joint Security Industry Councilheading_arrow-1189503
An umbrella organisation for a broad group of security associations, inspectorates and organisations.

The Investigators Sector 2001heading_arrow-1189503
The Investigators’ Sector was formed in December 2001 as a forum for the discussion of matters of concern to the investigation industry, and to provide a means whereby those concerns might be represented.

Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)heading_arrow-1189503
Association set up to develop police policies..

British Institute of Innkeepingheading_arrow-1189503
A professional training body for the licensed retail sector.

City and Guildsheading_arrow-1189503
The leading provider of vocational qualifications in the United Kingdom.

An awarding body operating throughout the UK offering qualifications from pre-entry level up to and including level 4.

The UK’s largest awarding body to offer a range of both general and specialist qualifications.

The National Open College Network (NOCN) is the UK’s foremost provider of accreditation services for adult learning.

Association of British Investigatorsheading_arrow-1189503
The leading professional body, working with investigators, to promote members and the profession.

Infologueheading_arrow-1189503 is a free information service and has been supplying news and views on the UK manned security sector since 1997.