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by SIA Site Admin // January 7

Cowboy clampers reined in by the Security Industry Authority

Checks and licensing introduced for wheel clampers

From 1 November 2004 the Security Industry Authority (SIA) will start to rein in cowboy clampers and the rogue element that has given the vehicle immobilising sector a bad name among motorists.

Poor service delivery and the criminal element will be removed from the industry with the introduction of a new national licence for wheel clampers (operating on private land), their supervisors, managers and directors. Under new SIA regulations vehicle immobilisers will be required to undergo an identity check, a criminal records check and pass a five-day training course to show they have reached set levels of training and professional standards.

From 1 November 2004 vehicle immobilisers will be able to request SIA licence application packs from the SIA call centre.

From 28 February 2005 it will be illegal to operate anywhere in England and Wales as a vehicle immobiliser without an SIA licence. The licence applies to vehicle immobilisers, their supervisors, managers and directors who operate on private ground and charge a fee for release of a vehicle.

The SIA will maintain a public register of licensed vehicle immobilisers. When working vehicle immobilisers will be required to wear their SIA licences, be identifiable and accountable.

SIA Chairman Peter Hermitage said:

“The licensing of vehicle immobilisers provides the opportunity to set standards and drive out bad practice. In the past there have been too many rogue operators and we now have an opportunity to address them through regulation.”