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by SIA Site Admin // January 7

Inaction by door supervisors could force pubs and clubs to close

Insufficient door staff in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight have applied for the new SIA national door supervisors licence

Despite near universal understanding in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight of the new Security Industry Authority (SIA) national licensing scheme for door supervisors, insufficient numbers of the area’s door supervisors have applied for their licences.

Since 1 March 2004 the SIA has issued over 1300 licence application packs to individual door supervisors but disappointing numbers have been returned. The SIA has undertaken to process all eligible applications received by 7 May in time for the start of licensing on 4 June, but Hampshire and the IOW will still be left with a significant shortage of licensed door supervisors.

Andy Drane, Deputy Chief Executive of the SIA, said:

“There has been widespread publicity of the new licensing scheme in Hampshire and the IOW since July 2003, and training has been available for over six months. Given the clear understanding of the new requirements and the availability of training, inaction by individual door supervisors and venue operators can only be through deliberate means or neglect.

“The public should be able to expect the high level of service provided by SIA licensed door supervisors and those venues that have not ensured their door supervisors are trained and licensed are failing their customers and putting their safety at risk.

“The SIA has the support of the police and the local authorities to ensure strict compliance with the new regulations. They, like us, want to see only professional, trained and qualified door supervisors working at pubs and clubs, and most importantly so do the public.

“Anyone working as a door supervisor without an SIA licence could damage their entitlement to a door supervisor licence in the future.”

If licensees use unlicensed door staff after 4 June they could put their premises licence at risk. Police can exercise powers to ensure the safety of the public and close the venue.