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by SIA Site Admin // December 23

SIA creates opportunities for door supervisors

Door supervisor licence to cover security guard activities

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) announced today that the SIA door supervisor licence will now be extended to cover the activities of a security guard. This is good news for door supervisors, security guards and employers. From now on a single SIA licence will allow an individual to work in two sectors, creating workforce flexibility for employers and job opportunities for employees.

The roll out of SIA door supervisor licensing in England and Wales started in Hampshire on 1 March 2004 and will finish in London on 11 April 2005. Licensing of security guards will take place during 2005.

Security companies offering door supervision and / or security guard services can now supply security staff that have a wider remit and can undertake a greater range of licensable activities. The door supervisor licence (covering security guard activities) will be particularly useful at premises or locations where alcohol licensing boundaries are extended or where security activities overlap, such as sports grounds or outdoor festivals.