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by SIA Site Admin // October 25

Peter Hermitage has accepted the appointment of acting chairman of the Security Industry Authority. Mr Hermitage, who served on the SIA Board, will take over as Chairman from Molly Meacher who resigned last week.

Mr Hermitage will be acting chairman until June 2004. A permanent Chairman will be sought through an open competition.Mr Hermitage said:“I am pleased to accept the post of acting chairman of the SIA.

“I became a member of the SIA Board in April this year and since that time I have been impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the SIA staff and industry partners. As we move together towards the first phase of licensing I look forward to making my own contribution to the aims and efforts of the SIA and working closer with security industry stakeholders.

”Hazel Blears, Home Office Minister with responsibility for the SIA, announced Mr Hermitage’s appointment and said:“I’m pleased to appoint Mr Hermitage as chairman of the SIA at this important time for the authority.“There has already been tremendous progress since the authority started in April, but we are now moving into a crucial phase. The first phase of the rollout of door supervisor licensing in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight is a milestone for the authority and the beginning of common professional standards being introduced into the industry.”

Notes to Editors1. The SIA has been set up as part of the provisions of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. The Act requires all individuals providing security services in designated sectors in England and Wales to be licensed. The Scottish Executive has proposed an extension of the SIA’s remit to cover Scotland.2. Timetable for SIA licensing:• Early 2004 – Pilot scheme for door supervisors• 2004 – Rollout licensing of door supervisors and wheel clampers• 2005 – Licensing of security guards and key holders

• 2006 – Licensing of private investigators and security consultants.

3. The three other members of the SIA Board are Robin Dahlberg,
Brendan O’Friel and Bruce Warman.

4. Mr Hermitage has had a long police career 1968 – 99, including Assistant Inspector of Constabulary 1994-96. He retired as Chief Constable, Director of National Police Training 1999. Mr Hermitage is a former Chairman of East Kent NHS and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

He is Vice Chairman of Governors for Canterbury Christ Chartered University Collage.