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by SIA Site Admin // January 3

From 1 March 2004 door supervisors working in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will be able to apply for a Security Industry Authority licence. At 00:01 hours on 4 June 2004 existing local authority door supervisor licences and registrations for Hampshire and the IOW will cease to be valid. Only SIA door supervisor licences will be accepted as a legal licence.

On 1 June 2004 the SIA will embark on implementing door supervisor licensing throughout the remaining areas of England and Wales. Using the boundaries of eight police regions and following a clock-wise progression throughout the country, the South-West will be the first region to be licensed; the final region will be London with licences required by 11 April 2005.

By 11 April 2005 every door supervisor working at licensed premises in England and Wales will be required to hold an SIA licence.

Click here for details of the roll out time-table

Door supervisors are being urged to contact the SIA now.  Information and updates can then be sent to them in time to apply for their licence. 

www.the-sia.org.uk/register   or   08702 430 100

Notes to Editors

1)   Details of areas covered by police regions will be available on the SIA website.

2)   The SIA will:

  • Raise the profile of the private security industry.

  • License individual security employees and operate an approved companies scheme that will ensure training, recruitment, supervision and quality to conform to SIA standards.

  • Keep under review the private security industry and the operation of legislative framework.

  • Monitor the activities and effectiveness of those working in the industry.

  • Work with key groups within the industry to improve standards of conduct, further develop training and supervision of standards within the industry.

  • Ensure SIA licences are carried and displayed.

3)   Hampshire and the IOW are ideal to pilot the licensing scheme because of their coverage of both urban and rural areas and their rich mixture of licensed premises. The SIA is running a pilot scheme to:

  • Ensure transition from local authority to SIA licences is seamless.

  • Minimise disruption to door supervisors, employers and the industry.

  • Rigorously test technology and the application process.

  • Assess levels of training and competency skills

4)   Latest information on the skills and training required for an SIA door supervisor licence is available on the SIA website.

5)   The dates given are based on current thinking and may be subject to change. The SIA will publicise widely any changes.

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