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by SIA Site Admin // October 24

The Security Industry Authority has announced the pilot scheme for testing door supervisor licensing. The pilot is expected to start early in 2004 leading to a full rollout across England and Wales from summer 2004 to early 2005.

The SIA is in discussion with Hampshire local authorities and Hampshire constabulary to work towards piloting the licensing scheme. Hampshire is ideally suited because of its coverage of both urban and rural areas and rich mixture of licensed premises. The SIA will outline full plans for the pilot scheme by this summer. The SIA is running a pilot to:

  • Ensure transition from local authority to SIA licences is seamless.
  • Minimise disruption to door supervisors, employers and the industry.
  • Rigorously test technology and application process.
  • Assess levels of training and competency skills.

Transition of local authority licences

Once rollout of SIA licences for door supervisors is underway the SIA will require that from a set date in each region only SIA issued licences are held by door staff. Existing local authority registration and licences will cease to be valid on that date. To assist transition the SIA have requested local authorities only to register or license door supervisors for no more than a twelve-month period.

Andrew Drane, SIA Director of Operations and Compliance said:

“We carefully considered local authority registration and licensing schemes and the key question of whether licences should be allowed to run their course. In light of legal advice and the need to introduce robust and consistent standards across the industry we have taken the decision not to have two licence systems running concurrently in the same area.”

Notes to Editors

The SIA has been set up as part of the provisions of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. The Act requires all individuals providing security services in designated sectors in England and Wales to be licensed. The Scottish Executive has proposed an extension of the SIA’s remit to cover Scotland.

The designated sectors to be licensed are:

  • Door supervisors – on licensed premises.
  • Wheel clampers & vehicle removers – on private ground where a fee is charged for release
  • Security guarding – including cash in transit guards, body-guards and dog handlers.
  • Key holders
  • Security consultants
  • Private investigators.

The main SIA tasks are:

  • Raise the profile of the security industry.
  • License individual security employees and to operate an approved companies scheme that will ensure training, recruitment, supervision and quality to conform to SIA standards.
  • Keep under review the private security industry and the operation of legislative framework.
  • Monitor the activities and effectiveness of those working in the industry.
  • Work with key groups within the industry to approve standards of conduct, further develop training and supervision of standards within the industry.
  • Ensure SIA licences are carried and displayed.

Timetable for SIA licensing:

  • Early 2004 – Pilot scheme for door supervisors
  • 2004 – Rollout licensing of door supervisors and wheel clampers
  • 2005 – Licensing of security guards and key holders
  • 2006 – Licensing of private investigators and security consultants.

Issued by the Security Industry Authority Communications Office